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Foundry Patternmaking

Steel Casting Sample U.S. Casting has truly become an industry leader in producing iron and steel casting on an as-needed basis. Our use of Polystyrene patterns for that “breakdown” one piece casting process, has many times put a customer back in operation in less than 2 weeks. Patterns are produced in wood, plastic or polystyrene, depending upon customer needs. In-house pattern repair is also available. U.S. Casting awaits your call.

Steel Casting Pattern Making Foundry

Our newly expanded and automated molding and core making department produces castings of outstanding dimensional stability and superior appearance. Our foundry pattern making personnel maintain high standards in their daily operations. Routine checks of sand quality and chemical mix are performed prior to the start of every shift.

U.S. Casting accepts both drawings and existing parts for steel casting manufacturing. We have the ability to apply reverse engineering techniques to existing castings and create patterns to produce additional castings.

  • Specifications
Casting Type Airset Sand Casting
Sand Casting
Casting Material Carbon Steel
Low to Medium Alloy Steel
Gray and Ductile Iron
Equipment Horizontal Flask Molding Lines
Vertical Flaskless Molding
Weight Range 10 lbs – 8000 lbs
Benefits Large Parts
Lowest Cost
No Bake Molds (a binder is used to hold the sand together)
Smooth Surface
Industries Served Construction Machinery
Defense, Ordnance, and Naval
Gear Manufacturing
Machine Tool Manufacturers
Mining Machinery
Oil Field Equipment
Power Generation Equipment
Pump and Valve
Railroad and Transportation
Rubber and Plastics Machinery
Steel Mills and Non-Ferrous Metal Producers

To learn more about our foundry patternmaking capabilities, please contact the experts at US Casting Company today.