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Automated Molding and Core Making Department

At US Casting Company, our commitment to utilizing the latest innovations and technology sets us apart from other steel casting companies and foundries. We use the latest in no-bake sand processes, allowing our newly expanded and fully automated molding and core making department to produce castings of outstanding dimensional stability and superior appearance.
Steel Casting Companies

Our high-quality patterns are produced in wood, metal, plastic or polystyrene, depending upon customer needs. Our extensive range of casting sizes, melting capacity, control of core, mold making, pattern materials allows us to produce high-quality steel castings in quantities from a single prototype to a long production run.

We Stand Out From Other Steel Casting Companies

Our valued customers have come to depend on U.S. Casting Company for consistently dependable service and high-quality castings. We proudly serve a wide variety of domestic and international companies including firms producing machinery and products in the following industries:

  • Gear Manufacturing
  • Pump and Valve
  • Steel Mills and Non-Ferrous Metal Producers
  • Mining Machinery
  • Railroad and Transportation
  • Rubber and Plastics Machinery
  • Construction Machinery
  • Oil Field Equipment
  • Machine Tool Manufacturers
  • Power Generation Equipment
  • Defense, Ordnance and Naval







For additional information about our products and services as one of the industries renowned steel casting companies, please contact us at US Casting Company today.