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Capabilities: Iron Casting and Iron Foundries

Iron Casting and Iron Foundries

U.S. Casting Company pours a wide variety of carbon, low alloy steel along with grey and ductile iron in weights ranging from 10 to 8,000 pounds. Our range of casting size, melting capacity, control of core and mold making and availability of various pattern materials give U.S. Casting the ability to produce high quality steel and iron, castings in quantities from a single prototype to a long production run. Consistent melting practices and constant chemical and physical properties testing of the metal assures that all metal poured at U.S. Casting meets or exceeds industry standards.

Pattern Making

U.S. Casting has truly become an industry leader in producing steel and iron castings on an as needed basis. Our use of Polystyrene patterns for that "breakdown" one piece casting has many times put a customer back in operation in less than 2 weeks. Patterns are produced in wood, plastic or polystyrene, depending upon customer needs. In-house pattern repair is also available. U.S. Casting awaits your call.

Secondary Operations

U.S. Casting Company provides heat treating services in the form of annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. Additionally, machining and other secondary finishing operations may be provided to customers as required.

Pattern Storage

The U.S. Casting Company owns and maintains three (3) pattern storage facilities. All buildings are dry shelf storage from floor to ceiling to keep customers patterns in good condition for the next required run. Our computerized information system keeps track of pattern location, past usage and condition of pattern.